MORANO – manufacturer of high quality wooden goods

We, MORANO Company, exclusively produce windows, doors, furniture, staircases, parquet board and other elements of interiors from wood for you

If wood is used in the interior, so, it is MORANO



We on our own control the whole production process. It provides with the guarantee of loyal prices and quality. We use the method of complete cycle: we on our own select the wood, dry, process and make wooden goods for home, office, hotel, bar or restaurant.




To provide you with a full range of ecologically friendly wooden goods, starting from wood trims for wall and floor facing and ending with exclusive wooden furniture. We strive to fill your life with comfort, coziness and safety.




We do not maintain the mass market and seriation in production. MORANO Company gives all its equipment, knowledge and experience to you in order to help to create the goods about which you dream.

We can realize any your idea! 



Quality and individuality in each detail!

Ordering MORANO products, you receive the competent consultations by designers and technologies, drawings and 3D models of your future goods. You receive the possibility to manage any options: type of wood, color, fixtures, incrustation, shape, size and other parameters will depend only on your desires.



MORANO - care about future

One tree per year produces in average up to 700 kg of oxygen, binds 33 kg of carbon, neutralizes 80 kg of harmful substances, and absorbs 20 kg of dust and filters 100 thousands cubic meters of air.

It is the priceless natural resource. That’s why it is important to take care about it!

MORANO wants to make your life better without harm to the nature.

Therefore, our company every year plants trees in acknowledgement of the nature for those benefits, which it presents to the humankind.

Filling your life with comfort and safety, we take care about the future.




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