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MORANO Company manufactures energy efficient wooden windows of all possible shapes and sizes. We on our own thoroughly select the wood, dry it and process. Good quality equipment, European technologies, professional and conscientious work of our team is the guaranty for creation of excellent atmosphere in your house, comfort and coziness.
Do you like to surprise the imagination and to delete the borders between you and surrounding world? So – window systems Patio Life. Only some firms can do it. And we create it.




7 advantages of wooden windows MORANO


Own production in Kiev, equipped with advanced technologies. And it is – quality and democratic prices

We on our own thoroughly select and use the best wood



Ecologically friendly lacquers and paints of European production

You on your own choose the color of your window

All possible types of glass fixing as you wish, including armor-plated windows Morano 

Only qualitative German fixtures


We will make the widows due to any your orders or drawings




Wooden windows MORANO – a tandem of quality and style


Make sure on your own!


Windows Patio Life

Do you like to surprise the imagination and to delete the borders between you and surrounding world? So – window systems Patio Life. Only some firms can do it. And we create it.



    Despite its sizes (the area of such window systems may reach 15-18 m2 ) Morano Patio Life  system has the following advantages:

  • • does not take much space

  • • is opened “by easy movement of arm”

  • • has the excellent heat and noise insulating characteristics

  • • high resistance to break

    Such result is achieved thanks to application of reliable sliding hardware Roto Patio, euro log with thickness from 68 to 78 mm, glass fixing of premium class Pilkington and application of Morano modern production technologies.

    Application of window systems PATIO: private houses, interior garden, balcony, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes.

   Windows PATIO – it is the convenient solution for your window aperture that does not take much space. You can move the window of 300 kg only by easy movement of arm. And if you need to ventilate – just give the handle a swing.

    Reliable hardware ROTO PATIO LIFE provides with the safe protection against break, penetration of cold air, noise and other unwelcome guests of your house.

    Window systems MORANO PATIO are made to order taking into consideration all norms for such type of structures. During production we consider all your desires: glass fixing, toning, and color of wood, type of opening.


Shapes of windows

    Sometimes the architectural solution of the house does not allow installing windows of standard square shapes. In such cases Morano Company makes windows of any shapes due to your individual projects. Triangular or round, with/without frame bars – you have no limits in choice of windows configuration.








Call or write to us and our specialist will help to make the right choice and will answer any your question.

Glass fixing

    MORANO Company applies the glass fixing of premium class Pilkington. A two chamber glass unit is installed into wooden windows – these are 3 glasses, which are hermetically connected by distance-type frame. We also use the standard optimal formula of glass units 4-10-4-16-4, where 4 mm is the thickness of glass and 10 and 16 mm is the distance between windows that creates the air space.

    As it concerns energy efficient glass units the special coating that reflects infrared rays is applied to such glass. This coating acts due to principle of mirror glass (thermos). Hereby the glass does not change its transparency. Thus, the saving in two directions at the same time is achieved: in winter you spend less for heating of the premise and in summer – for its air conditioning.

    The peculiarity of MORANO Company is that you can on your own choose the type of glass and structural peculiarities of glass units: sun-protective, soundproof, anti-shock, metal-sheathed.

    We will take into consideration each your desire and will help to choose the optimal variant for glass fixing of wooden windows depending on your purposes.


    Reliable German fixture ROTO (world leader in production of tilt and turn window hardware) will allow easily and almost noiselessly opening and closing the window, as well as providing with the excellent air-tightness of closure. Hardware by ROTO is distinguished by their stylish design and high anticorrosive resistance.

    Our company uses three main systems of ROTO hardware in production of wooden windows:

    Roto NT – the principle of design of this hardware is so successful that this system became the most sold tilt and turn window hardware in the world. Roto NT is oriented to the demands of client, its individual preferences and specificity of the premise – they are the windows with function of safety for children, windows of class “Design”, “Comfort”, “Break-proof window”, etc. Even standard set Roto NT gives the worthy resistance to unwelcome guests.

    If you have Roto NT Designo system nothing will spoil the appearances of the window because the less technical details you see the better.

    There is extremely stable and at the same time stylish system of hinges Roto NT Power Hinge for very heavy large windows and balcony doors. This system corresponds to the trend for increase of glass fixing area and use of multi chamber glass unit with high degree of sound and heat insulation. Thus, such solutions are of high demand at installation of heavy windows structures.


Coating of windows

    We also take care of you so that the wood would be protected against unfavorable influence of the environment and at the same time it would “breathe”, for that purpose we processed it with coating Adler. Wooden windows MORANO with such coating are characterized by:

  - excellent resistance to weather impacts;
  - protection against ultraviolet radiation;
  - maximum protection against moisture;
  - protection against fungosity of log blue and dabble.
    Our company offers you to choose any color for your window on your own. We do not want to restrict you with common colors of windows painting. Full freedom of choice! Set the mood to your house.


ST-12_1 Helios
ST-12_2 Odysseus Hoffnung
ST-12_3 Troja
ST-12_4 Circe
ST-12_5 Poseidon
ST-13_1 Honigbad
ST-13_2 Sternschnuppe
ST-13_3 Cremant
ST-13_4 Luftschloss
ST-13_5 Tango

Colour Card livingwood Legno Color

LW 06/3 Kaserne
LW 01/1 Weide
LW 04/1 Whisper
LW 11/4 Nuss innen
LW 01/2 Eiche
LW 02/3 Nuss
LW 02/4 Palisander
LW 01/4 Kiefer
LW 12/2 Basait
LW 06/1 Kalkweiss





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